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1.Send G28 to homing XYZ axis. 2. Send G29, and waiting for bed tilt measurement to complete. 3.Send M500 to save measurement values of previous step. 4.Send M420 S1 to activate auto leveling function. Replace GCODE Replacewith new START GCODE (in appendix section) in your slicer software (Cura, Slic3r, Simplify3D, ) Have fun! :) Appendix.

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  • Mar 14, 2021 · Turn your printer so you can access the electronics cover as well as access to the mainboard. Plug in all the 5 pins into the bltouch port (follow the picture above) Turn your printer back to the original position. Rename the downloaded firmware into “firmware.bin” & put it on the to roof of your MicroSD Card. Raw. gistfile2.txt. ; Ender 3 Custom End G-code. M400 ; Wait for current moves to finish. M220 S100 ; Reset Speed factor override percentage to default (100%) M221 S100 ; Reset Extrude.

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    Ender 3 Pro BLTouch Start Gcode. I recently wanted to try out PrusaSlicer with my Ender 3 Pro BL Touch. I am having an issue with my start gcode. It homes my x and y axis but then the z slides all the way to the right and slams into the belt tensioner for the extruder. I copy and pasted my start gcode from Cura that works perfectly there and it ....